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Bloody Nightmare

Bloody Nightmare is the best dark horror game designed by Selfdefiant. The game offers creepy images and smartly hidden clues, and also, offers outstanding background music. In the first scene, the bloody nightmare horror escape, you will go inside the old house where you can find a large collection of fixed images interrelated with direct routes. To play the game, you have to search each room to find hidden clues. The clues are hidden carefully and they are intermingled in the background so you should look thoroughly and carefully each part of the room to find the clues. If you notice that cursor changes while perched over the object, then you can pick up the clue and put it in the catalog shown at the bottom.

In Bloody Nightmare Horror Escape scene-2, you have to unlock all the doors to finish the game, and to unlock those doors, first you should find the matching keys. In the game, you can see that some of these doors contain green keyholes, and other doors have old and rusted, silver or purple keyholes. The main scheme is to find the right key, which means if you want to open a purple lock, and then you have to get a purple key only. In scene-3, the game allows the players to use the map, which is more planned to facilitate the player to make notes as an alternative to show the real design of the house, so you actually don’t need any map. Though it seems to be a nice feature but is not a useful feature.

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