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Evil Doll

Hitori Kakurenbo is a pass Japanese ritual and urban legend, virtually necromancy or contacting the dead. The ritual is preformed in a form of a game and there are firm rules that must follow in order for 'game' to succeed. You reach not compulsion by now taking place, by yourself one doll which plays the role of a medium i.e. it is a connection gone the 'parallel' world. The ritual sometimes succeeds even if sometimes not. It does not matter whether you recognize in every one of this, or you think this is just a bunch of nonsense. Many did not resign yourself to, and although they were advised not to get your hands on this, they didn't hear, and afterwards it was too late. Using speakers or headphones is a must.

Strictly for safety reasons we will not list the rules for carrying out this ritual. Evil Doll is just a game that indicates what happens in the midst of than the doll considering the ritual succeeds. Some people reported they started to hear screams and steps randomly all in the region of the residence, others used to locate the bathtubs filled occurring subsequent to blood on the other hand of water and many addendum creepy things.

In this game your task is to conceal from the doll after do its stuff hide and aspiration ritual. You must preserve regarding the order of until the hours of daylight. Listen carefully to the sounds, screams and footsteps and attempt to promenade away from them.

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