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Free Ice Cream

We all love ice cream and when it is free everyone will rush to it and enjoy the sweet, cold delight. However, how about a horror game names as Free Ice Cream?

Well, the plot is quite simple, yet the game play is quite exciting. The girls will run for the ice cream and stuck with a killing butcher whose aim is to kill the girls when he sees them running. So what you need to do is understand the gameplay and make sure to let the girls out safely. There are room one after another with some doors and some other things that might help you in getting the girls out. However, what you need to make sure is that you do not choose the wrong room or the wrong thing that can alert the butcher.

It is quite an exciting game that allows you to have amazing creativity development along with help you in learning what to do in the case you are stuck in such dreadful conditions. This game is free of cost, and all you need is the high-speed internet so that you can play the game. Most importantly this game requires a lot of patience and lot of brain power so that you can win the game.

All your moves should be calculated, and all your steps should be taken carefully otherwise there may be no other chance, and the game will be over.

So when you are playing this horror game make sure to take time, follow the instructions and enjoy the game.

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