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I Miss You 2

I Miss You 2, is a dark horror game, and the player should be daring enough to enter into the house where four people died from the same family. People believe that the mother in the house has a demonic character, and she might have killed all other members in the family. Some players say that it is not that a scary game, but it is weirder. Also, the game confuses the players, at some point they don’t know why or what exactly they are doing in the house.

I miss you 2 version is similar to the part one designed by Ramy Sabah by RX Games. This game was released on 2015 February. As you all know that the part one is not so popular, and some players actually did not like part-1 at all. But probably, they may like this part-2.

I miss you 2 also resembles Horror House sequence, but the author of this game claims that it is not connected to the series in any way. It is very clear that the author was inspired to develop this game only after the horror house series, but he tried to stay unique and not connected to the original game, in fact, it is also clear that he doesn’t want to get accused of copying.

However, this is not a point and click game like part-1. The idea behind the clicking is to activate some jump scaring event to scare the player. However, in this game, after you will experience the first jumpscare, then you keep expecting for another one, but, when it happens you may not feel scary at all.

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