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Secret Of Mystery House 3

The Secret of Mystery House 3, The Bastien curse is a horror game and it is the part-3 of the Mystery house series. The story is about a plantation house, which is a160-year-old house located in New Orleans. The house has several tragic events and plenty of dark past, including voodoo, which directed to the myth of the Night of the Burning Sorrow. You play as a second investigator in the game, and you are hired to find the house haunting. In the story, the first investigator went mission twenty years ago, and only his tape recorder was founded. Now, you should take the game further from where the first investigator left off.

In all these horror flicks, if you have noticed clearly when anything horrible happens at a particular place, then the souls of the dead then the place get haunted, and the dead does not find peace. A beautiful Basten family use to live in a New Orleans plantation during the late 19th century, but suddenly everything went wrong, and all the children in the house got ill and died, and all of them died without any apparent reason. The slaves were blamed for the death of these children, as it believed that they used voodoo dolls in black magic. However, the slaves were punished very cruelly by burning them alive. But, after this, the Armand Bastien was never found again. He disappeared mysteriously without any trace.

Now, in the game, you should take up the role of a psychic investigator and you should try to look for voodoo dolls in this cursed house. Only when you find these voodoo dolls, then only the ghosts will get peace and you can break the curse. Note down everything that you find doubtful so that you can use it as evidence later. Also, it is important to take ghost pictures if you see any.

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