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Silent Hill Room 304

Newgrounds are back again with one of the most horrifying and mysterious games of all times. Silent Hill Room 304 is a game that involves real life images and allows you to explore the city that is Silent Hill to find answers to all the mysteries surrounding you.


Silent Hill involves decision making. You will start the game hiking through the woods. You can choose where to go from multiple choices in the game so whatever you may face on the path is totally based on your own decisions.

The character somehow gets stranded and enters Silent Hill, which is a ghost town with nobody at all. You get to enter hotels, abandoned buildings and cafes looking for a good place to spend the night in because it is getting dark and the night is full of terrors.

As you enter a hotel, you will find a guy trapped in Room 304 that you have to rescue by finding the key to the door. This involves searching for the hotel and using your intellect to solve the mystery behind the key. The game involves real images and has a scary music that keeps you hooked for hours.

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