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Slenderman Mystery Forest

Slender Man mystery forest is a flash game and it belongs to the scary miscellaneous genres. The unique thing about this game is that some new features you can see while playing the game. You have to collect six white pellets or balls. Or you can say you need to search for the six white balls. The story of the game is that to save yourself from the clutches of the Slender Man you have to collect the balls. The background of the game depicts a new feature. Each ball has some specialty, and it has its number. The ball resembles like a billiard ball. While playing the game, you need to approach to the ball, and also you have to be very close to the ball. The players can enjoy the game with so much entertainment while collecting the balls. Now if you are a new player, then you should be very conscious and very careful whole collecting the balls, because one wrong approach towards the ball can create difficulty while collecting the next ball. Every time you start the game and begin to play you can see that the balls are placed in different places. This feature is a new one in this game. You can enjoy the game with brilliant graphics. Truly the graphics of this game is exquisite, and you can enjoy the game with utmost curiosity about the next step. So this beautiful game explores many opportunities for a new player, and you can easily play this after following the basic instructions of the game.

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