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The Horror House

As the name suggests, this game takes you on the journey through a haunted and mysterious house that will welcome you with cold and bloody faces all over the place. You are going to have to find the mysteries lying around in the house.


The game allows you to enter the house and visit its five rooms. You start by entering the dining room, and as you clear the room, you are taken to the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room and finally the corridor. Each room is scary as hell, and it gets scarier as you proceed into the next room.

You are going to have to click on the clues lying around and take a look so that you can solve the mystery about the house. There is real life imagery in the game and ghosts appearances out of nowhere. This makes the game even scarier and fun to play.

The graphics of the game are superb, and you will experience thunderstorm and lightning during the game. There is no light in the haunted house, and you are going to have to use the thunderstorms to your advantage. But beware, the lightening can show you things that you cannot un-see.

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